Certain-dance circumstance
(on Pawnshop Reverb shrimper compilation cassette, also on Abridged Perversion compilation CD)

Originally tabbed by myself in a wrong tonality and with a wrong chorus sequence;
improved by Max C who found the right chorus chord-sequence,...
and finalized by Steffen Weingärtner who found the way to make it sound sharper thanks to both capo+little finger...
Many thanks to them!

Capo on 4th fret

G+           Em7+           G+       Em7+
you gave the moment to me i gave the moment to you
G+           Em7+            G+              Em7+          G+
a feeling strong and deep a certain dance finds us hand in hand

C+                               Bm
but any moment without you any moment i don't feel free
i may curse the power over me
G+                   Em7+
and i remember how time together it felt
and i find myself missing you and smiling to myself i sing

i treasure the moment when all doubt disappears
satisfied to step inside so happy to feel you near
you gave the moment to me and i gave the moment to you

should we push away for protection
or am i just afraid of my own reflection
please tell me if you taste the end gave too much but then again
time together feels so nice and something tells me things are gonna be alrite

i'm feeling something new the way we talk and the way you hold me
the only feeling that seems to be true i've loved my time with you
i've loved my time with you i've loved my time with you

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