Coolest hurt
(on Losers shrimper cassette and on Losing losers album)

Capo on 1st fret

F#m5                           E
now you're not alone as if you ever were before
A                                  B5                   E
the sweetest perfect person stands beside you night to day
F#m5                                  E
don't let a brutal thought deter you things are really perfect for you
A                     B5
carry on merry little way

E5                      B barre
doubt now out down      question all the questions follow
E5                      B5
eye to eye side to side begging friends you're weak and pleading
E5                                     B barre
what to know stupid friends would know those who'd bid a jealous death
E5                                  B5
to peace of mind you seem to find a sweetest new a love that's borrowed

F#m5                           E
boy you'll treasure cynic eyes sarcastic urge that dared to cry
A                                    B5     E
build a wall to test the one to kill you
F#m5                           E
don't believe black your heart evil's the coolest hurt to start
A                                          B5
the perfect mate must find the way to find you

E5                           B barre
strip disguise strip to core find that all the world is boring
E5                        B5
say anything touch anyone any desperate bored destroy
E5                            B barre
fall undone black the sun it will surely rise tomorrow
E5                                  B5
who's to say and who's to stop you, never give to sleazy sorrow

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