Cat stratch fever
(on Salvation is on our hand Traumatone compilation CD)

Tune down one half-tone (EbAbDbGbBbEb)

G                     D         Em                 C
do you wound in your skin yes i do do you stop a sensation should be true
difficulties      begin  underneath with a mild information

so i 
Am              G
went to see the medic
at the urgent treatment clinic
am i asking:"Doc, why can't i 
Bm             C                D
simply treat it with an antibiotic?", he said:

G                     D            Em                 C
"do you wound in your skin maybe so can you tell with precision yes and no
just how long you have been in distress would you mind an incision?"

so i 
Am                 G
counted myself under
while they ?????? shut my shoulder
oh when i finally came to
Bm           C           D
i had nothing but name to recover

Em             Bm Dsus2 C
                    there's a part of me
                    size of a tangerine
                    ????? consistency
                    they took it out of me

Bm                           C                                         Am
the surgeon said: "you'll be fine the mass we removed was completetly benign
                                C            Am            G       D       Am7     C         G       D       Am7     C
but don't get cookie cos you might not be so lucky next time!..."

so i 
Am                 G
went to stay at my mum's
for a week of soup and sitcoms
in the grip of my ?????????
Bm              C           D
like a firing mechanism on ton bombs

G                  D              Am7                    C
do you wound in your skin no i don't do you stop a sensation no i won't
do you wound your own skin do you stop a sensation

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