Potemkin village
(on Suggestion box shrimper tape)

D                       G          D
?????? labour from a neighbourin town
D                         A        G
knocking in the ten thousand ????????
D                G           D
waiting inspections by ??? crown
D                    A          D
??????????? village will never fail

D                       G          D
we will be stripping down ???????????
D                          A        G
starling ???????????????? in its place
D                        G        D
millions of sinners and only one god
D                       A          D
how does it match the name to the face

F#m            Fm               Dsus2              G
revolution would be nice but it's not strictly necessary

opportunity knocks so hard
sometimes it smashes in the wall
when it ????????????????????
it doesn't take much force at all

????????????????????? even not that's necessary

objects of desire are spread
on the covers of the unmade bed
and the history books ???????? your head
subject to the ????????????
i'm a subject to the monarchy
and i'm subject to arrows and accuracy

???????????? my exercise back
???????? strikes ????????????
it's not the ??????????????
it's just the lack of scenery

but i won't stand this ???????? as long as it is necessary
destruction would be nice but it's not strictly necessary

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