Keeping the weekend free
(on Hermetic geometry 7")

G+       Dsus4/F#    C+
you're mental miles away
long distance some might say
but i can't hear you say it
Bm             Em                  C          D
time takes its toll but you still have to pay it

whose charges get reserved
?? depends on who calls first
you hang up in anger
why raise a fist when you can't lift a finger?

G+     Dsus4/F#     C            C/B          G+
                         keeping the weekend free
G+     Dsus4/F#     C       C/B      C        G+
                         in ????????????????????
G+     Dsus4/F#     C             C/B       Am                  Bm                G+      Dsus4/F#  C+
                         keepin myself like top let the weekend go waiting for ???? below

you're seven ????? far
however close we are
close to desperation
until you call with your candid ?????????

you talked to me
like an axe ???? to a tree
i was failed you followed
some lines are occupied some rings are haloed

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