The Hunchback
(on This is not a dick album)

G                             Em7
don't let it get to your head if you ?????? lesson is read
C                             D            Dsus4
like a fire engine                   sigh sigh

G                             Em7                             C
?????????????????? never said and what you want to do they do bad 
C                             Dsus4
???????????????? all around   ????????? leave apart

Bm                        G
when winter turned to spring
Bm                        G
and it was still snowing
C                         D/F#
and the sperm hatred ??????????????

G                                  Em7
and when you lived in a small sack she ????????? from your ?????????
C                                          Dsus4
??????? and the world was big but you felt trapped ????????? say there's no going back
G                                  Em7                                C
          and rumours made me feel bad and happy times i've seen you sad
C                                Dsus4
why ???? ever ????? to get mad ok we can forget that why?????????????????

what you wanted you never said
gone through ???? and hatred
people tried to make you their own conception
don't let it go to your head

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PS: If you have a friend with a 2nd guitar (or if you wanna play this song in a different way), 
put a capo on 5th fret and play instead these chords for the verse D Bm G Asus4.

Sorry for the lyrix (unofficial and unfinalized transcription!!!) Italic wrongs may be wrong
Feel free to contribute