Meaningless dead end
(on Most of the worst some of the best shrimper cassette and on Losing losers album)

I haven't yet recovered from this shock: this masterpiece is basically an only two-chord song...
Even if i haven't found the "tiny" riff at the end of each verse sentence, i think this post is URGENT...
Enjoy and help!

A                          D                  A
i'm not so embarrassed anymore stupid boy the meanest critical life
together let me kill this nervous guilt i know you're hurt i swear it's never right
i get angry jealous dare to kick or hit me hard i swear it hurts alrite
righteous boy deny what seems too obvious although it may be truly right

A                       Dsus2/Em
try it together hope it never ends
A barre                          D5
swear it feels this real though they protest and pretend
A                                   Dsus2/Em         A
this life's a meaningless dead end do do do do do do do

a million sides to story may discourage me sometimes most days i feel alrite
my middle name is doubt i don't believe in happiness i really tried to fight
for every living nightmare i could swear would cut to tear me or least pull us apart
there lies a wall of simple love that always will protect us it's true to the heart

try it together hope it never ends
swear it feels this real though they protest and pretend
this life's some meaningless dead end

i like us together i could be your friend
not a pushy sister fucker or to judge you
          (not a bully not a pusher not to judge you)
just a best friend like i found in you

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