Bad priestess
(on Zopilote machine album)

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       A5                      B5                     E                       A5
when i see you in your new blue jeans i know you're lying and i know what it means
when i see you take your place among the poor       i know you're a fraud for sure
    E           B5      E
bad priestess      bad priestess
       A5                                  B5                    E                  A5
so the sunlight plays its games along your eyes and it has the same effect on a thousand other guys
and i'd be lying if i said i didn't feel the pull too but the sunlight makes me strong and i know about you
    E      riff
bad priestess

    A5                  B5                       E                       A5
bad priestess on a thursday as the sun goes down bad priestess with a super-special eyelash trick
    E           B5      E       riff
bad priestess      bad priestess

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