Chinese house flowers
(on Full force Galesburg album)

Capo on 1st fret

B5                       Dsus2               F7M5                              E 
the wax paper that i taped over the windows melted as quick as chocolate in the heat
and it'll probably never come off now the windows look like frosted glass if you see them from the street
and the dim light that filters through casts a new light on you
it makes me get all misty because i remember something and then i see your shadow

    A5     B5           E
and iiiiiiii wanna follow you all the way down this time
i want to see what it is you're going down for
iiiiiiiii want you more than i want anything
i want you the way you were

you were lying in the moonlight outside in the grass 
when i heard an animal voice somewhere in the dark and i saw a wing shadow pass 
and just then the gleam in your eye made my blood freeze
there was something up above us rustling in the branches of the trees

and iiiiiiiiii pressed up against you again
i could hear your heartbeat steady and hard and pure
i used to love you so much that i was sure it would kill me
and i want you the way you were

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