Going to Port Washington
(on The wedding record compilation 7")

Capo on 6th fret

Define riff:
 D              G

D                           Em7                         Asus4                    G
the trees were all decked out in their best fall colors there was a snap in the air
when you eased down the window and the New York sun brought out the highlights in your hair
D           Asus4         D             G 
and gently gently the constellations aligned
D                          Asus4                     G       Asus4    D
and as we crossed over the throgs neck bridge i had something on my mind

when we rolled down the street in the cool of the morning
i could feel the new day dawn and somebody had gone and turned the waterworks on
and slowly surely i saw the whole story unwind
i had never loved anyone like i loved you and i had something on my mind

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