The hot garden stomp
(on Hot garden stomp shrimper tape)

the moon was unbearably high flowering plant that hung from the radiator pipe
it was dripping sweat from its 
rapidly fading petals and to the humming world in which i was living a crescendoing stepping sound 
Gm                                                              C
came in heard you stepping over three weeks worth of newspapers piled up outside the door

F               Bb
I hear you knocking 
come            in
turn on the radio 
turn up the volume 

Dm                                                                               Gm
you sat down in the same place where you used to sit it brought back a memory or two  
Gm                                        Dm
may not know much any more but i remember you
you were quiet for a while and that was nice then you came along with your questions
Gm                                                 C
always questions i don't have any answers to those particular questions 

F              Bb
i hear you talking
shut up
turn on the radio
turn up the volume

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