An inscription at Salonae
(on Jack and Faye 7")

Tune down one half-tone (EbAbDbGbBbEb)

A                                                                                     D                              A
there was guy up on the hill with a trumpet to his lips i mean to tell you he knew how to blow that thing
there were women dressed in purple banging on their tamborines and hammering on cymbals

E                                D
it was not that long ago when we gathered in the valley below
A                                    E                       A
i loved you more than i loved my own life i was falling to pieces

A                                                                                D                  A
there was a young man on the altar you saw me poised above him i saw you watching me
there were singers there were dancers there was glittering gold spring breaking out gradually

E                                    D
it was not that long ago but the memory's kinda dying out 'cha know
A                                E                            D       Dm      A
like a flower caught in the overgrowth falling falling to pieces

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