Original air-blue gown
(on Full force Galesburg album)

Tune down one half-tone (EbAbDbGbBbEb)

Define "riff":

Dsus2                                  G
rain all burned away the horseflies are an iridescent green
plums boiled down to pulp drying on a screen
bright red air inside the house here i can barely draw breath
Dsus2                   Asus4                       G
dark blue shapes popped behind my eyelids i am not afraid of death
Asus4                   G
and on the television black and white footage of the young Cassius Clay

D                              Asus4
my god my god my god he was something
fists flashing as he comes towards the screen
sailing headlong into nothing
and disappearing reappearing
out there in the clearing
floating down the slight breeze
that plays along the edges of the leaves
     D        Asus4    Em7     G
it's you it's you it's you

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