(on Songs about fire 7")

The 2nd verse chord structure sounds more obvious and 'steadier'.
There are more lines in the 1st verse and this even chord structure doesn't fit with them (maybe the chord for the 'darkening sky' line is G)...

Capo on 1st fret

Define riff:

G                                Dsus2
you were standing near the water when the wind ripped through
G                                                  Dsus2                       Asus4        
heard your throat open up like a champagne bottle i heard the one perfect song pouring out of you
there was a darkening sky reflected on the river 
there was no way of determining where we were low 
G                               Dsus2
hills colors gone crazy you standing like a ghost with the water behind you
it's hard to grab ahold of some things sometimes
G                               Dsus2
like you need me to remind you

G                                    Dsus2
you were standing near the water and i was looking at the water
G                                       Dsus2                              Asus4
then you went down in the water and the river began to boil there was a minute when i thought i knew what you were about
and then you opened up your eyes and the lord came out
Dsus2                           G
low hills colors gone crazy you rising from the water like a bird
Dsus2                                   Asus4
you had a pure song possessing you from shoulder to hip
G                             Dsus2
and i recognized every single word

Define chords:

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