Raid on Entebbe
(on Jack and Faye 7")

Tune down one half-tone (EbAbDbGbBbEb)

Define intro riff:


D                                                           Bb
on the shores of a lake named after a late queen of England i heard new rumors of war
Asus4                                               G
the sun was a red ball up in the summer sky i saw my sister standing in the doorway

she had that look on her face that reminded me of you the reports were coming hourly and the sky was blue
they were shifting the power again they always do this when i come home

i tucked my shirt in though i don't know why shielded my eyes from the light up in the sky
cos it was shining blazing like a highway flare in the incredibly impossibly dry air

i heard my mother call my sister to the kitchen again and thought that everything was headed straight down the drain
they positioned themselves in strategic locations i was beginning to lose my patience
D                                                Asus4                     A
if you'll just put your hand in mine we're gonna leave all our troubles behind

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