Star dusting
(on Transmissions to Horace Sonic enemy tape)

Capo on 1st fret

Define intro riff:
 A   Dsus2

A                                             Dsus2
toward the end of our first year in Las Vegas you looked up from your little corner
and i saw that your face was getting a little brighter and you asked me is it really getting warmer
         A                     C#madd11        F#m        Dsus2
or is it just me and then you started mumbling unintelligibly
                A           E           A
so what are you saying             anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

i thought i heard bells ringing but then i remembered that i no longer knew what bells sounded like
i thought maybe we'd strike up a conversation till bad luck cruised by on his ten-speed bike
i got real cold and i grabbed my coat and i saw that the ringing was coming from your throat
what are you saying                anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

Define chords:

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