Seeing daylight
(on Beautiful rat sunset mini album)

I'm not totally satisfied by the first verse chord. But the rest sounds OK. If you find a better way...

Dsus2   Dm7+    C
two cans clear chicken broth
Dsus2   Dm7+    C
two white onions
Dsus2   Dm7+    C   C  D  E  F
one bulb garlic

boil boil boil boil

and the screams of delight from the pool outside the splashing sounds 
the coffee heating up on the stove
the sky outside the color of 
pure fresh milk

boil boil boil boil

Dsus2              Dm7+                 C
and the phone ringing and me picking it up and watching myself do so in the quiet room
in the june evening and your voice on the other end 
and the impossibility of your voice on the other end
    C    D    E     F      C
and the impossible echo inside
     F         C
boil boil boil boil

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