(on Power trips down lovers' lane album; alternate version on Emotional discipline compilation album)

G+              G+/F#         Em7+       C+
she says you're deserving up election foreign ??????? 
anything we have on hand
you should be a ????? and sweet attention for ??????? 
love to petrify you where you stand
   Bm   D                   Am         C
so why    are you trying to find it ignite it
   Em         D             Am     C   C/B  C
until we can feel your love ??????

G+                   G+/F#         Em7+       C+
she says you've been worthy opposition ?????? strike ???? stride 
attempted just to let you win
but you've been running out of ammunition and you've got too much 
pride to set your reinforcement ???????

   Bm    D                 Am           C
so why     do you find it surprising uprising
Em             D          Am
secure in your mercenary camp
      C                   Am
with bonestraps to their chests 
     C                 Am
and capsules in their rings
      C                G+              G+/F#           Em7+       C+
i hope you don't suggest that they only want you because you're deserving

G+              G+/F#         Em7+       C+

   Bm   D                Am              C
so why    do you wanna suspend it just stand it
    Bm       D                Am         C     Em     D    Am    C  C/B  C
and why why why do you wanna ??????????????????

G+        G+/F#         Am+          C+
you faaaaaaaaaaaaaall cos ???????? sick ??????????
i faaaaaaaaaaaaaaall cos i've got no ground beneath me
G+        G+/F#         Am+          C+          Am+    Am+/B    C   C/B    G+        
you faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

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