(on Silverbeet album)

Dm   F C
Dm   F C
Dm   F C
Dm   F C
Bb   F C
Bb   F C

Bb                    F   C
and you'll see no reason
to find the courage
you'll find no worry
so seal the surface
they're all behind you
they're waving covers
but you'll hear no words
and you'll see no reason

Dm                     F   C
and under cover
they find the surface
to show their purpose too far from 
Dm           C
home on the sand
       Dm             C            Bb         F  C               
you'll lie where we stand in the home

so take the book
and tear it open
oh at the page
you read there
you own this portion
your own worst fears
and put the book
back so quickly

and they're all doing courage
at all the parties
you'll find no worry 
at the party
you try to turn it round
you've got to live it down in the heart

has she got no point
as we come to the end of
my scene in the sunset
i've got no worries

and you'll find me waiting
on a street called courage
and all those pictures
they made me suffer
but i knew better
cos i had you there