Standing at the edge
(on B4 we go under album)

C                C/B     Am       G
standing at the edge of time
waiting your hand in vain
maybe you can tell
i'm moving to another place
G         F          G
what i've seen before
G        F            C        C/B     Am       G
when my mind was clear

standing at the edge of town
?????? everybody down
????????? see the day
when i get my way
better not be long
cos all my patience has gone

?????? to the edge of the shore
facing a closing door
if that's what i get today
i really don't want anymore
??????? attention
it doesn't help me out
i'm losing sneak off you
i'd better ???????

standing at the edge of the fire
holding your hand as a ???????
i've seen now what you've done
and what ????????????????
?????????? thing
i really let you down
come on and learn with me
we're gonna lose this time

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