(on FreeSentridoh part II
and on The New Folk Implosion CD)

Lou doesn't really play this song that way; 
however this version is quite simple to play and should satisfy you.

      D    Dsus2   Bm sus2
pearl listen to me now
     D       Dsus2    Bm sus2
i'm about to bring it down
          D        Dsus2    Bm                G
there are things i need to tell you that can't wait

i've been doubting in my sleep
there are secrets i keep
maybe in the end i'll find a way to stay
       G              A                D
oh but pearl it don't feel that way today

it wasn't long ago
i was down upon my knees
begging you to change your mind again
you were tired of trying to love me
you had put yourself above me
you tried to leave but pearl i don't let go
that is until tonight now i know

          G         A          D
there's a world outside our window
there's the mystery of desire
i could wait to make you happen
i could set this house on fire

listen now
i'm about to bring it down
are we meant to be i'll ask again
as i wait for your reply
hear the traffic passing by
tomorrow i'll be far away from here
pearl i'll be far away from here

to the world outside my window
though you're all that i desire
if i can't make you happen
i will set this house on fire

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