Soul and fire
(on Bubble and scrape album)

Alot of tabs are available on the net for this song; i think they're right.
Try just this one using a capo; don't you find that D7 sounds better than E7?

Capo on 2nd fret

  G      G7M      G    G7M    Dsus2
it's all a matter          of soul and fire
D7               G
infatuation or true desire
G            G7M       G    G7M   Dsus2
the thrill of discovery           divine intervention 
D7                     G
cruel cruel change the pain of rejection

Em               C                       G
as you walk away think of all the joy we shared
Em                        C                      G     G7M    G6
if you decide you need me i'll be wondering if i care
not here to soothe your soul friend to tender friend
  C                   D          G
i think our love is coming to an end

king persuader congratulations 
you share her heart you bought her soul
princess confusion come to me again
saying goodbye was so much fun

when you walk away feel the freedom in your heart
there's joy in letting go free to find a love apart
when i lose control i need a kind forgiving friend
but i think our love is coming to an end

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My cousin Arnaud suggests to play this song with capo on 1st fret. You've got to make up your mind.

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