Summertime (childhood's impossible now)
(on This is not a dick album)

Tune down one half-tone (EbAbDbGbBbEb)

A barre     G barre *3

D                  G
summertime it passes so slowly
oh the time when you ain't got nobody
find a friend ??????????????????????
until some other time or some other town

Chorus riff:
 D      Dsus4 D     Gsus2     G6+

??????????????????????? over past time glory
nurse rhyme ???????????????? true love story
the truth is alive and you can feel it when you're older
and i'll say one last goodbye without burning my shoulder

i can feel it sometimes when you're not even near me
thought it was the wind but now i know much too clearly
it's the end of a season that i can never return to

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Sorry for the lyrix (unofficial and unfinalized transcription!!!)
it's incredibly hard for a French guy to hear these lyrics sung as whispers
Feel free to contribute