Two humans
(on Fork songs album)

Dm7    G
i can see
Dm7             G
how you look at me 
    C         Dm
but i do not care
C            Dm
you're over there

i know you see
the strange in me 
i see it too
but i see it in you

Dm7   Dm    C
we're all alone

move your eyes 
when they meet with mine
you cannot bear 
life's so unfair

cross the street
in case we meet
it's just a laugh
you don't know the half

we're all alone

and when you speak 
it's like a treat
from you down to me

well thank you sir
i'm sorry i slur
my words are clear
if you have an ear

we're all alone

look at me
what do you see
reflected in me
your own humanity

now you've gone
i shuffle on
full of pity for you
you don't know it's true

that we're all alone

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