(on Louis likes his daily dip EP and on The short and long of it EP)

A           G
lay me in clover
and over my head pull 
a sheet made of mirror
so i can see myself
and leave me for long time
do not disturb my rest
for ages and ages
for i am tired

Bm                A5
and i need some relaxing
my mind is cluttered with 
the days and the nighttime
my bread is buttered on

A                 G
both sides of the story
there is a running joke
of who was the loved one
who took his life to end
Bm             A5
the peace and contentment
we all expect to have
in time and tradition
the common fear is that we...

A           G
lay me in aspic
preserve elasticise
the way i resemble
a lot of other fools
Bm             A5
who reach for their anger
and never say a word
or learn in their own way
that what they are is not so...

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