(on Stumpy album)

D        Dsus2     Bmadd11       G        B5
anyone who had the time could've seen the signs
D                 Dsus2   Bmadd11     G       B5
the hollow smile the empty eyes of a man resigned
D        Dsus2    Bmadd11   G            A   Asus4
how could you not see his was a world of misery

anyone who heard him cry saw him wipe his eyes
couldn't fail to understand he'd been dealt dealt a lousy hand
and you would agree he needed something more than sympathy

D        Dsus2     Bmadd11       G        B5
D        Dsus2     Bmadd11       G        B5
D       Dsus2    Bmadd11       G                       A       Asus4
but you could be wrong for anyone else could sing the same old song and...

anyone can shed a tear and come on all sincere
and anyone can tell a lie so you'll feel obliged
and he makes it seem OK to be faking it faking it anyway

and wouldn't you fall and wouldn't you smile and wouldn't you take his side
and wouldn't you fawn and wouldn't you sigh and wouldn't you love his lie

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