(on 3ep's album)

D        Dsus2        
looking around 
         D      Dsus2     D         Dsus2    D    Dsus2   G        G/F#    Em7
there's rain and sky the sound of a million birds flying by
looking around 
there's cluttered walls thousands of things that mean nothing at all
looking around 
there's things like me who lurch into life unthinking dull and free
looking around 
there's songs like mine discarded by all like gutters drowned in wine
looking around 
it's lots of fun it's better than using force to get things done
looking around 
gives us a clue there's more to our lives than watching me and you

Alternate version with different mix and lyrics on FastForwardSampler #1 CD:

lazing around in the morning sun without any need to get things done
flat on your back with your mind on crawl thinking of things that mean nothing at all
hollowing out your cluttered brain wiping it clean and leaching every stain
forgetting you ever knew a time when habit and logic kept your life in line
the skull on your neck is full of holes the feet on your legs are walking burning coals
there's love in the blood you're pumping through that must be enough for fools like me and you
fooling around is all we need

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