Gluey gluey
(on Fifty flavours of glue album)

A           D
slime on my toes
a constant dripping from my nose
i guess you know the way it goes
yeah it's runny runny runny
and it's fluey fluey fluey

lice in my hair
i feel 'em crawling everywhere
they're breeding in my underwear
and it's scummy scummy scummy
and it's screwy screwy screwy

crust on my sheets
i know i shouldn't but it's kinda neat
i wish myself "bon appétit"
cos it's yummy yummy yummy
and it's chewy chewy chewy

sleep in my eyes
the tiny turds of household flies
the cheese i keep between my thighs
yeah it's gummy gummy gummy
and it's gluey gluey gluey

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