(on Louis likes his daily dip 7" and on Hello cruel world compilation)

E          EEE  A
A          AAA  E

A                       G
maybe you know who you are
A                       G
maybe you like what you do
C                            D                          E
maybe you're getting clearer maybe the fear is leaving you
maybe your goals are nearer maybe the weird has vanished too

maybe you've picked up your life
maybe you've made up your mind
maybe you feel more certain maybe the curtain was a blind
maybe you've stopped the flirting maybe the hurting's left behind

Define bridge "riff":
 E             A              E

maybe you've left it too late
maybe you're well past your prime
maybe you can't accept it maybe you've misdirected time
maybe you can't correct it maybe perfection's not your line

la la la la

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