Nothing's going to happen
(on Three Songs EP and on Hello cruel world CD)

All thru the song:
C        E5  F5  G
G        F5  E5  C

nothing's going to happen
maybe all the aunts in the world will sip sweetly at their through of tea
and almost say one word of anything but what they've learnt from all the uncles
who raise horses laughs or hopeful stiff pricks in the general direction of anywhere but home

nothing's going to happen
maybe all the children in small rooms will fall silent at a wall or window
and forget to breathe for just one minute because of some beauty taht has not been altered 
damned or pointed out by the clumsy dark oafs who train them

nothing's going to happen
then again all the time every minute neverending unrelenting all around us
without pausing endless endless all-peruading movement motion this way that way
tick-tock free-fall loce love kiss kiss make do be is was i me
b c d e f g h 
i think nothing's going to happen

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