(on Dogma EP)

A                                                   F                                       D                           A
there's a lump on my head 'bout the size of my fist i think i musta got when i paralytic pissed
there's a crack in my skull where the rain gets in i lost a pair of pliers tryin'a get 'em in
there's a space in my brain where my life was led 'bout as big as the door on my old tin shed
A            F       D               A
but i still love my dog he's a big one

shall i laugh shall i cry shall i stand in a line to get a trolley full a products i'd be proud to call mine
shall i sleep shall i dream of a place that is good or wake up to reality of lino and wood
shall i sit in my chair watching lange and all or go to South America and have me a ball
well i still love my dog he's a cracker

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