OK forever
(on The sky above the mud below CD)

G                        C                             Em                  C
digging the scene at the heart of the vibration he's buzzing to a fuzz guitar 
     D                  Bm                    C
with nothing to say but happy just to be that way
D     D7
do do do do

what's it to be the Velvets or the Beach Boys Captain Beefheart or the Slits
she says you're so weird i'm not listening to that old shit
do do do do

G           C         Am                     D5 C5 B5 A5
come on and do it you know that want to oh yeah
everything's ok forever more oh yeah
you know if it feels good that it can't be wrong
everything's ok forever from now on
ah ah ah ah

his head is all wrong hates the season the flowers just make him sneeze
but what can you do when everything is like a dream

she says it's a rash but you don't have to worry the doctor says i'm clean
and why should we care when everybody is diseased

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