Paul's place
(on Louis likes his daily dip EP)

Adapted for the guitar; originally played on a casio

G                                  C                Am
two o'clock in the afternoon and i just got up and i'm feeling seedy
G                                             C                       Am
sun cascades through the living room and it's all too bright and it's thin and weedy
D                               G
the windows sparkle with a greenish light from the previous night
D                               G                                 F      E      D
the bottles shine and all the heaters glow in the middle of the snow

here we are in a stranger's room but it isn't strange cos it's so familiar
ceiling's cracked and a weird perfume creeps around the walls and it seems to feel ya
with a depressing sense of the heretofore as you open the door
the outside shudders in so you have to go to the safety of the snow

i have not got the strength to leave but i feel down deep that i really need to
something's hooked me by the sleeve and the carpet's reared its ugly head to
say things i've never heard in my life before and i fall to the floor
the girl goes by outside and she seems to know all about the snow

three o'clock in the afternoon and i must get up mustn't be so lazy
people standing around the room they've been up for hours they must think i'm crazy
the summer sun is high and the weather's fine and the whole world shines
the sky is blue they're dancing to and from in the middle of the snow

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