Road and hedgehog
(on Throw a sickie EP and on The short and sick of it compilation)
        A          Dsus2          A           Dsus2               A
what a bore as it crawls out the door with a bloody thorn in its paw
F#m              E      Dsus2     E      Dsus2          E       Dsus2
there's nothing mooooore i can dooooo to make it pull throooooooough

down the road i can still hear its moan sends a freezing cold chill through the bone
i shoulda knowed what to do to make it pull through

there's a scream is it brakes or a dream some things are not quite what they seem
let it bleed there's no need to make it pull through

Dsus2           E
someone on the road
Dsus2             E
something in the hedge
Dsus2           E       Dsus2
someone on the road
Dsus2     A    Dsus2
they're to blame

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