The room is wrong
(on Canned music EP and on Hello cruel world compilation)

E                  G       D
the corner of the room is bare
there are no decorations on the walls
the carpet lifts and rots away the books have broken spines

a mirror shows me as i am today
superimposed on blank and fetid space
beneath my feet is sticky and decayed i've nothing left in 

this vision is romantic and untrue
i lie quite comfortably and write these words
social security will keep me warm i am 
not powerful or rich
you know my name but i do not know yours
you hear my words i've never heard of you i wouldn't know you 
from a bar of soap the walls have ears
turn off the toaster and burn all the books
eat off the floors and defecate on chairs
there is no room for all of us in here we'll have to go
people hang on to their lives and people hang on to their lives 
this is a mess of tangled fucked up thought

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