Senile dementia
(on 3ep's album)

      D         A       G             Dsus2    
and i know you see a shattered man in front of you
     D         A             E                        G
and your sympathy is well meant but it's not what i want or i need and i'm really fine

for i know my mind isn't half the mind it used to be
now and then i find that it's feeling pretty loose to me
but i've been unkind to the poor old thing and it can't last forever and there's signs it won't

so it's fond goodbye to neural paths i've walked for years
to the cells that die in a pinkish mass between my ears
to the well-told lie that i think therefore i am what i am and i know i'm not

or at least maybe there's a synapse left to help me out
of my entropy that's a part of this bi-polar doubt
that's engulfing me in a cortical mess that's beyond control and beyond belief

and it's really me that i'm losing at a frightening pace
but i'll wait and see if i end up in some finer place
where my memory is a shadowy thing that will slip away and leave lots of the room for the now

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