Song of the silents
(on Louis like his daily dip EP)

All through the song:
A           C    D

may we be crushed
may the bones of our faces slip over each other
grind our shining skulls underfoot til the bonepowder mixes with the flesh of our image
please make us mulch
make us non-human and gelatinous
break down all our structure and spread us to rot in the sun and in the rain

we don't want to think for thinking scares us
we don't want to breathe for breath is so painful
we don't want to live for death would release us 
we don't know how to be normal we don't know what it is for it is outside us
we don't know how to talk or listen
we don't know if what we say or hear is real cos no one can tell us
we are terrified of living but we can't tell you
we are terrified of the present cos we've never seen it here it comes again the same moment 
the one we know the only one we know the only one there is it's always there
and so meaningless so trivial so crushing terrifying 
you don't know what we're talking about
we live in the future and in the past without words without you

here it comes again the same moment 
so scared may we be crushed we can't ever see you 
just twitters and blurs and suffocating smells 
we're alone alone with the things in our bodies the voices the voices the noises the noises 
the smells the stench of people around us
may we be crushed

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