The Winner
(on Weeville album)

D                       G
hey beanbreath!         what ya tryna say?
you won't make it       movin ya mouth that way!

hey stupid!             where ya put ya brain?
ya don't need it        thinkin is such a pain

hey meathead!           who ya wanna be?
ya won't get there      why not be just like me?

hey fuckface!           what ya tryna do?
D                       G                       D        G        D
there's no one          wants anyone like       you!

hey dirtbag!!           who's yer only friend?
that's right man it's   me on whom you depend

hey arselick!!          make me feel OK
D                       G	              D		G		D
be nice to me           maybe i'll go     awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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