Thanks tomy cousin Arnaud: for having tabbed Lou's Over the fall, Survival
for having helped for Lou's Terrorize, Choke the rythm, Puzzle
for having contributed to lyrics transcription with courage and success
Super Kickass: for javascript assistance and web helpful advices
Diego 'Jenkins78': for having sheltered my first loobietabs
Michael Christie: for Franklin Bruno lyrics transcription
Max C and Steffen Weingärtner: for having finalized Certain dance circumstance tab
Phil Williams :for his excellent site, his sleeves scans and much more...
Darin: for sebadoh lyrics and for Tempus font (sure he'll understand)
Timothy Dunne: for 'Plate o hatred' lyrics
The Cassidys: for 'Social Medicine' missing words
Alex Demidh: for his encouragements and congratulations
my Dad: for having tested this site on his Mac
for having been a teenager in the 60's, having loved US and UK folk music and having lent me his old guitar
my sister Marine: for her 'foreign language' skills and her pictures of Paul
my son Paul: whose better naps and quieter nightsleep made it easier