True hardcore
(on The freed man album)

This is a complete rip-off of every other song i've ever done

E5               E5sus4       A5                  E
true hardcore is hard to find takes the peaceful selfish kind
to realize where power lies in music

A5                E
the beauty may be hard to take
A5                E5
pray it's not the evil fake
   E5sus4                  E5
there's always time to change your mind
E5sus4            E5
and still be very true
A5                    E
you'll always will be true

B7sus4+  E5sus4      Eadd11    B7sus4+ 
             B7sus4+                 E5sus4
like   evergreens in  wintertime
or else around is limpin' dying

A                     E
true hardcore is forever young
A barre               E
true hardcore is left undone

A5   E   A5   E5
A5   E   A5   E5

A5              E               A5                    E5
someone who has always known it someone who has never lost it
E5sus4               E5               A                   E
as the others act so strange you've had the strentgh to never change
     A      G#m     F#m5 E
i'm still a selfish asshole

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