In the whippoorwill’s sad orchard
(on Workingman's dick CD)

Capo on 1st fret

Verse arpeggios:
 D       Dsus2   D       Dsus2   Bm	 F#m     G       A

Define chorus riff: 
 Bm           G

or play it this way (it's the same):


Actually it's the instrumental version of a song called Jack Smith on "The unexamined life" CD
If you wanna sing, use your quavering voice:

There was a man named Jack who rode upon a golden calf
and he brought great joy to all the little girls and boys
he suffered endlessly for what he couldn't help but see
great hypocrisy in rented world

Oh oh

There was a glowing preacher who reached a closed empire
something that never was something that could never be 
he came one day that noone saw ???????
and everybody cheered and stood in all

looking out more ????? paradise
it's all ?????? sacrifice
the great ?????????
dancing for free in a rented world

Define chords:

Sorry for the lyrix (unofficial and unfinalized transcription!!!) Italic words may be wrong
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